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You receive concierge-level service in all aspects of your relationship with us

Claims Handling
With over $50 Million in claims payments and $4 Billion in Worker’s Comp payroll under our management, we have a vast obligation to provide the best in claims-adjusting, including a best-practices approach to customer service, which includes:

  • A 3-point contact program for claim investigations
  • A team of over 15 in-house adjusters in multiple offices
  • Thorough contract review
  • A quality control claims-audit program

Cost Containment
Keeping claims costs low is in your best interest as well as ours. So we are constantly focused on identifying overutilization, misuse, waste, fraud and abuse. To address these areas, we provide the following cost containment services:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation – We will assist in finding your injured workers job placement while they rehabilitate back to their original position.
  • Medical Bill Review – Metis will ensure you pay the lowest possible amount in medical costs while still providing your employees the best medical care.
  • Prescription Programs – Metis will provide access to prescription programs meant to make it as easy as possible for your employees to get medicine, and cost-effective for you to provide the medication they need.
  • In-House Case Managers – Our staff nurses will help you understand the best course of action to get your employees back to work as soon as possible.

We will help place your reinsurance with the best provider, custom-suited for your unique needs.

TPA & Brokerage Services
Our TPA & Brokerage Services program gives your company the opportunity to capitalize on our brokerage contracts without participating in the group self-insurance risk pool. To ensure you are provided the best possible service, we will:

  • Determine the appropriate coverage for you
  • Secure the best provider depending on your needs
  • Assist with the presentation of underwriting information to the selected provider
  • Provide premium estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Assist with your claims management, if necessary
  • Provide loss control services with a focus on prevention

Risk Control
Our Risk Control team is highly experienced in proactively addressing the unique risks and developing a plan of action for you. We then empower our members with the knowledge and tools to implement effective controls.

We provide access to a vast and proprietary library of resources, including access to leading online training programs such as Our goal in training is to share every bit of our collective knowledge so you can be highly empowered to address your own risk.

Over the years, we have invested in and developed a tremendous in-house software applications exclusively available to our clients and pool members. We also have in-house developers who customize applications to fit the specific requirements of each member we have. Our technology services and product offering is simply unmatched in the industry.