Our Culture

Metis is an organization built on and fueled by our culture. We believe that caring about and investing in our employees is the key to long-term success. We treat each other, and our clients, with respect. And we know that helping others succeed–within our walls and with our clients–is how we will grow.

We value ideas like transparency, innovation, openness, flexibility, and being straightforward. Metis is not a monolithic machine that people work for. Metis is a fantastic group of smart individuals coming together to help each other succeed, and to change the way our clients experience insurance products and services.

Rewarding Work

We bring our unconventional, people-first approach to the traditional insurance industry, and it’s key to what sets us apart from others. Few grow up thinking “I want to be work in insurance.” But we’re not defined by the industry in which we work, we’re defined by our desire to put people first, to offer smarter ideas and programs, and to make an impact. And what we do makes a difference every single day.

An alternative to traditional insurance

We administer several self-insurance risk pools that were established as alternatives to the commercial insurance market. These pools exist because our members wanted something better, and we take great pride in transcending the status quo. Today, we run the largest risk pools for public entities in both Virginia and West Virginia, and we attribute our outstanding success to the way we work with our member organizations. Every day, we deliver excellence to each and every of our customers, and that is rewarding!

Serving communities

The vast majority of our customers are public sector entities – local governments, schools, fire departments, EMS, water authorities, etc. Their missions are to serve their local communities, so it is easy to see how our work not only impacts our members, but it has a ripple effect on the general public. If we can solve a risk management problem for a health department or provide training for law enforcement officers or help any of our publicly funded members save money, we are helping entire communities by extension!

Visit VAcorp.org to discover the Virginia risk pool that we administer or WVcorp.org to learn more about our West Virginia risk pool.