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One of the biggest decisions most of us ever make is where we choose to work. We spend such a large portion of our lives working that it’s important to find a career that’s as rewarding personally as it is successful professionally. We think you’ll find that with us.

Career opportunities

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The changing career landscape

Maybe more than ever before, job candidates are enjoying more control over their career decisions than ever before as companies are competing for a smaller and more qualified pool of prospects. Cultural shifts are affecting hiring as well. As a society, we are generally less willing than in the past to put up with a poor work environment simply to collect a paycheck. Employees know that options abound for them in the current job market, so they are getting honest about what they truly want in a career and demanding more from their employers. And that’s a great thing.

Primed to succeed

We believe Metis is positioned to thrive in this environment. As a relatively small business with approximately 150 employees, we believe we are an ideal size for employees to grow in their career. We are large and established enough to offer secure positions in a very stable industry as well as a variety of pathways for career growth, but we are not so large and hierarchical that employees are treated as “just another cog in the wheel.”  At our size, every position matters and directly contributes to advancing our corporate vision. We seek out motivated self-starters who desire agency over their work. Yet, we also provide plenty of support and opportunity for teamwork and collaboration.

Grow with us

This is an exciting time to be working at Metis. We have grown quickly but steadily over the years, and as the largest player in our chosen markets, we are well positioned to continue building upon our solid foundation. Now is the time to join our team if you want to see how far you and Metis can go together.