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Who we are

Who we are

In the world of risk management, Metis stands apart from the pack. We don’t look, feel or sound like a traditional insurance organization because we are not. Far too often, in all the numbers and risk assessments and coverage details, focus falls away from where we believe it should be: people. We will always work to offer the very best customized services and coverages. But we will do it in a way that is rooted in partnership and service, and that makes things simpler and easier to manage wherever we can.

Group Self-Insurance Risk Pools

We administer several group self-insurance risk pools which were established as alternatives to traditional insurance products. While risk pools function very similarly to commercial insurance carriers, there are a few key differences. These risk pools are wholly owned by their customers or member entities and are represented by supervisory boards elected from within the membership. The Metis team works with the supervisory boards to create innovative coverages, determine appropriate coverage levels, direct services, investments, and dividends.

In these self-insurance pools, members share risk and reduce exposures by pooling their contributions from which claims and services are paid. This structure means there are no shareholders to answer to, no investors who want to make a profit from the organization.

Members are pooled with other very similar participating organizations, whether they are local governmental entities, schools, regional jails, construction companies, or local authorities providing specific services. Pools provide coverages designed to meet the specific and unique needs of the participants, and Metis serves as risk management counselors to the member organization, and handles claims when they arise. While members pay contributions rather than premiums, services provided through the Metis team are much like that of a traditional insurance company, only tailored specifically to meet the needs of those we serve. Having similar member-entities allows us to examine data, anticipate claims, and properly fund for these exposures.

Here are a few of our partner group self-insurance risk pools that our team wholly administers:


VAcorp is the largest group self-insurance risk pool for public sector entities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With over 500 members including counties, cities, towns, school divisions, regional jails, and local governmental authorities, VAcorp provides more coverage to Virginia public entities than any other provider.


WVcorp is the only group self-insurance risk pool for public sector entities in the state of West Virginia, with 200 county, municipal, and local government authority members.

Commonwealth Contractors

Owned and operated by its Virginia contractor members since 1981, Commonwealth Contractors provides the Virginia construction industry with a unique way to manage their workers’ compensation costs. By combining with other like-minded companies who focus on preventative safety, monies are invested until needed to pay claims and other expenses, and the surplus is returned to the membership in the form of dividends. The better the group performs, the more potential for eligible returned funds. Risk pooling is a strategic investment. By proactively managing risk exposures, members pay less for coverage and provide a safe and productive work environment for employees.

Strategic growth to meet ever-expanding needs

While these self-insurance pools remain a central focal point for our operations, Metis is always evolving, such as creating several other business divisions that provide ancillary services to better serve our member base.

Insurance partnerships


Landin is a Virginia-based regional third-party administrator providing self-insured organizations with responsive, professional, and committed service. Landin specializes in the delivery of workers’ compensation related services, including claims administration, placement of reinsurance, and loss control services. Landin’s reputation for client-sensitive service is reflected by the longevity of its existing client base.